As CWM/Nethersole Fund will celebrate its 20th anniversary on 19 September 2017, the Board of Trustees decided to allocate a one-off special grant to support the projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China which have creativity and sustainability with a greater social impact, with an aim to spread the knowledge of Christ and the spirit of sharing.

Date and Procedure of Application

Please read through the basic information and remarks of the application form. An
original copy of completed application form(s) (single-sided) should be sent with

  1. 6 duplicate copies (double-sided);
  2. 1 set of supporting documents as per item 13 in the application form; and
  3. 1 CD-Rom copy (in “Word” format)

to the Board Secretary, CWM/Nethersole Fund, Room 29, 7/F, Block J, Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, 11 Chuen On Road, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong, either by courier/by hand before 5:30pm, Friday, 29 December 2017, or by post which is post-marked by Hong Kong Post on or before 29 December 2017. Fax, internet or late submissions will not be considered.

Application Form

20th Anniversary One-off Special Grant

[Deadline for application: 29 December 2017]