Subsidized Project of 20th Anniversary One-off Special Grant

In celebrating the 20th anniversary of CWM/Nethersole Fund (“the Fund”) on 19 September 2017, the Fund has invited applications for the one-off special grant (HK$2 million) to support the projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China, which have creativity and sustainability with a greater social impact, with an aim to spread the knowledge of Christ and the spirit of sharing.

Thank you for the applications, including individual applicants and organization submissions. We have received a total of 138 applications applying subsidies in the sum of over HK$190 million.

Having considered by the Screening Committee and supported by the Board of Trustees, a local project has been approved and the project details are as follows:

Organization Project Name Grant
Breakthrough Ltd.  Listen to the Unbearable Darkness in Life  HK$519,500

The Board of Trustees further approved that the remaining subsidies of the One-off Special Grant (HK$1,480,500) will be allotted to the 22nd batch subsidy (2018/2019), which is inviting applications until 29 March 2018, so as to increase the annual grant for the batch of 2018/19.

We extend our deepest appreciations to all applicants once again, for their great efforts to serve the needy in society. May God bless your good work in the betterment of our community.