Eligibility for Application

  1. Projects and services in Hong Kong or Mainland China; and
  2. of the following nature: evangelism, medical and health, education or social service.

Screening Criteria

  1. Priority of consideration would be given to the following:
    1. Projects that cater for the needs of marginal people
    2. Projects that cater for the special needs in society
    3. Projects that have difficulties in fund-raising or seeking other sources of income
    4. Projects with creativity
    5. Projects for professional training and development
    6. Extensive projects that the Fund has supported for at its initial operation (projects should have successfully launched and submitted progress reports regularly)
    7. Joint projects of Hong Kong and Mainland China
    8. Projects on medical and health in Mainland China but should be under close monitoring by organization(s)


  2. Credibility of applying organizations
  3. Projects duration
  4. Projects of the following nature will not be considered:
    1. Personal scholarships
    2. Construction of churches/complexes
    3. Any project/activity being considered for any political purpose and/or as any political organization